Saturday, 22 February 2014

Choosing and Total Submission

A philosophical minded thief was shaking down fruit in an orchard when the owner

came  by. "Have you no reverence for divine commandments?" "But look at this abundance!

I am just the agent of its enjoyment." The owner tied the man to a fruit tree and began

beating him. "This is a simple, uncomplicated cudgel. I am merely the instrument of its justice."

"Wait! You're right. I recant the necessitarianism. There is free will. We do

have choices! Please stop!" Everyone has the power to choose, because the creator

chose to create, so that freedom is innate. And this is the extraordinary truth:

every human choice bows like a slave in submission to the absolute's creative

will, yet this does not deprive us of freedom or of taking responsibility for what

we choose! You might get clever and say, "My doubting God's existence was

willed by God." Only half true. You also chose to doubt.

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