Friday, 4 April 2014

Tao chapter 5

Heaven and Earth are ruthless;To them the Ten Thousand Things are but as straw dogs. The Sage too is ruthless;To him the people are but as straw dogs. Yet[1] Heaven and Earth and all that lies between Is like a bellows In that it is empty,but gives a supply that never fails. Work it,and more comes out . Whereas the force of words[2] is soon spent. Far better is it to keep what is in the heart[3]. [1]Though ruthless nature is perpetually bounteous. [2]Laws and proclamations. [3]For chung as‘what is within the heart’,see Tso Chuan,Yin Kung 3rd year and Kuan Tzu,37,beginning. The comparison of Heaven and Earth to a bellows is also found in Kuan Tzu(P‘ien 11,beginning)

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