Saturday, 2 November 2013

A Summer's Bee

If I've grown bigger, how come I feel smaller? I recognize this street somehow but I don't think I've been here before. But I have I realize. A city is a copy of a city is a copy of a city. There must be something rational about a street like this. I've never been here before. But I have, in another time, another place. I'm standing where the indians would have been standing. They come here every summer to dance and earn some money. I remember your smile when you said those words. A smile implying that this was one of the big secrets explaining the fabric of life. You always had that kind of shine about you. As if everything was a secret created for your eyes and by chance shared by others. How can you not love when someone cherishes life? I'm certain you did in your sense. I understand you knew nothing. As I knew nothing.
At the corner was the café. Such a known place for you. How could I have known I would not come back. You showed me your everyday life and it was all exotic. Exotic, but also common I came to understand. You showed it in such a magic way. Enchanting the listener to share your enthusiasm. You told me of your friend that was so full of positive energy. She was younger. I knew nothing. She knew less. Even so, it is the fate of all flowers to be born a seed. When we sat down in the wooden benches I thought God would inspire and enchant us. Even in summer it was so cold outside, coming into the warmth of the church didn't enchant me. I couldn't even keep awake as the priest preached. Of all the things I thought I was. That I wish to become. Why was I never? It doesn't bother me now. It all passed away from me. Not as much a story of two people drifting apart. More a story of two people drifting from an illusion into a bitter and cold world. But even the taste of vinegar has a rich taste for he who chooses use to his senses. You defined me. You live in me as I guess I live in you. The imprint of your enthusiasm make me smile as the memory of what is lost sometimes makes me cry. I'm blessed to have met you. But life never expands on regrets

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